How To Choose The Right Propane Supplier

If you have a choice of local propane suppliers, then you should do some research to shortlist the best companies. Read on to find out how to identify reliable and reputable providers.

Check Certification and Insurance

States set rules and regulations for propane suppliers. Depending on your state, a company might need certification and/or a license before it can supply propane.

So, check that companies meet the necessary regulations. This gives you peace of mind that the company works safely, knows how to handle dangerous materials, and complies with relevant laws.

Propane suppliers should also carry relevant insurance. For example, if a company has an accident when they deliver propane to your property, then liability insurance will cover any damage to your property. So, ask about insurance coverage before you choose a supplier.

Check All Your Potential Costs

Don't just look at base propane prices when you shortlist suppliers. Depending on the company you use and how you use them, you might have to pay extra charges for some services.

For example, check if they have a minimum purchase order amount. Cheap propane prices aren't necessarily cost-effective if you have to order too much gas at once.

Plus, don't forget to ask about the supplier's delivery charges. Do they charge higher fees for emergency or short-notice deliveries if you run short of gas?

If you want a supplier to install a tank, then check if this incurs an additional charge. Find out what happens if you then switch suppliers in the future. Will your current company charge you to remove their tank or can you keep it? Plus, find out if you'll have to pay to terminate a contract early if you decide to go for a long-term deal.

Check Your Delivery Options

If you simply want to order a propane delivery when you need it or to a pre-arranged schedule, then most propane suppliers will meet your needs. However, if you want to automate your deliveries, then you might need to shop around.

For example, some suppliers offer automatic delivery. They evaluate and monitor your gas levels and make just-in-time deliveries automatically so that your supply never runs out.

Check For Additional Services

Some propane suppliers offer extra services that you might find useful. For example, they can service, maintain and repair tanks. Some also offer maintenance and repair services on common propane-powered appliances. You might find it easier to use a supply company that can also help you out if things go wrong down the line.

To get started, talk to local propane suppliers.