How To Keep Spiral Freezers From Experiencing Long Downtime Periods

Spiral freezers can be amazing cooling systems for food products because they provide consistent freezing without taking up a lot of space. If you want to keep this system from breaking down and thus leading to long downtime periods, here are several things you can do.

Monitor System's Power Consumption

In order for a spiral freezer to work and stay running, it will exert a certain amount of output each day. You can carefully monitor this performance aspect on a regular basis to see if your spiral freezer is working optimally or not.

If it puts out more power than it's accustomed to, then that's a telltale sign that something isn't working right. It could be the way air is pumped through the system to get food products to stay frozen or an internal part that has worn out. Whatever it is, you'll know to look further into the issue before a major complication arises.

Don't Let Belt Issues Continue to Pile Up

Spiral freezers are able to move food products throughout their systems thanks to conveyor belts. They're one of the most important parts of this entire system, so you want to take care of belt issues before they're able to pile up. That will safeguard you from prolonged down periods. 

You need to be thorough when inspecting the belt, looking at each section for signs of wear and tear. It might come in the form of cracks, rough edges, or torn pieces. Also, consider having the belt system professionally inspected annually just in case there are things you may have missed.

Keep Obstructions Out of the Equation

If obstructions were able to get in the way of your spiral freezer when running, then parts might get hit and possibly damaged. Then you may have to cease using the cooling system for a period of time and waste money. For this reason, always check for obstructions before running the freezing system.

You need to pay particular attention to pathways where there are moving parts, such as the conveyor belt system. If there are things in the way, move them before activating the spiral freezer system. That's going to help prevent that kind of damage.

If your site relies on a spiral freezer to keep food products at a low temperature, then there are a lot of maintenance steps you can perform to keep this system from breaking down. Once you have a good plan for maintenance, you just need to stay consistent.