4 Important Things To Understand About Copper Wire Recycling

If you want to make money by recycling metal, copper is one of the best metals to recycle. It has a high value, even if you only have a small amount of metal to sell. When it comes to recycling copper wires, there are a few things you should understand.

Prepare the Wires

It is essential to prepare the wires so that they are in the best possible condition before you take them into the recycling center. Many recycling companies will not accept wires if they are not ready to go, as it costs them time and money.

Strip the Wires

When you find the wires, they are going to have insulation around them. The recycling yard doesn't want the insulation, they want the copper wire inside of the insulation. You are going to want to strip the insulation from the wires. You can do this using a razor knife. Or, if you find that you are collecting a significant number of wires, you may want to invest in a recycling machine to strip the insulation away. This is great if you are getting into using recycling and want to turn scrap metal into a business for yourself.

Always Clean the Wires

It is essential always to clean the wires before you turn them in for some money. You can easily clean the wires with some essential ingredients. You can mix together a little flour, salt, and vinegar and use that solution to clean the wires. Put the wires down on a flat surface, pour the above ingredients on the wires, and allow the vinegar to break down the junk. Then, rub them down with the cloth. The salt will be a little abrasive and should remove anything that is still stuck to the wires. This will just take a few minutes and will enhance the money you get back.

Work with Construction Companies

If you want to increase your profits and recycle more scrap metal and copper wires, you will want to partner with local construction companies. By partnering with local construction companies, you can offer to clean up their worksites in exchange for recycling any leftover materials, such as copper wires and other scrap metals that are leftover during the building process.

If you want to recycle copper wires, you will want to prepare the wires by stripping and cleaning them before taking them in. If you want to turn recycling into a business, work with a local construction company and clean up their worksites as a source of scrap metal and wires.

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