How HDPE Tubing Can Help Your Industrial or Manufacturing Business

HDPE plastics are an incredibly durable type of plastic with a variety of applications including but not limited to boating construction, cutting boards, and tubing. This type of tubing is strong, lightweight, and can handle a variety of chemicals with ease.

1. Strength

If you are looking for high-strength tubing to carry materials around, then HDPE is one of the best options available. HDPE plastics are highly resistant to damage from impact and other large amounts of force, as well as applications of force overtime. This works for rigid or flexible HDPE tubing—it's made out of the same plastic for toy cars and bread bags. This strength can allow you to install HDPE tubing and be certain that it won't break, tear, or leak in any short amount of time. This can be especially helpful if you are looking for a tubing material that you don't have to replace due to the kind of erosion that you can expect from metal tubes.

2. Lightweight

Another benefit to HDPE plastic tubing is that it's very lightweight, especially considering its strength. It's frequently taken advantage of for its high strength-to-density ratio, which can be especially helpful for applications where you need something lightweight. For example, HDPE tubing can be used in automobiles and other vehicles for the transfer of various fluids, such as lubricants and oils, where excess weight can be an issue. This lightweight aspect of HDPE is why it's frequently used for milk cartons when not made into some form of tubing.

3. Chemical Resistance

One of the best properties of HDPE tubing is that it is highly resistant to the kind of chemical erosion and damage that can affect metal tubing. This makes it common to use in food-related industrial applications, such as tubing for drinks and sauces. When HDPE is not formed into tubing, then you can also find it as storage drums for highly acidic materials. If you are interested in a tubing material that can withstand the abuse that even just lemonade can bring, then HDPE tubing may be right for you.

HDPE tubing is used in a variety of applications for its high strength, low weight, and high resistance to acidic chemicals. It can be made into rigid or flexible tubing and will last you and your business for decades. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, find a custom or mass-produced HDPE tubing company near you (or within shipping distance) today.