A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Vulcanizing A Conveyor Belt Instead Of Replacing It

Conveyor belt vulcanizing involves using special materials and processes to mend points of a conveyor that have broken down or gotten damaged, and this process is definitely a valuable one. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to consider about the vulcanization process for conveyor belts. Here is a look at those pros and cons to help you decide what you should do if your conveyor belt has issues. 

Pro: The vulcanization process will require a shorter downtime. 

If you use your conveyor belt every day to complete production processes, it can be a devastating blow to production numbers when the conveyor is down. Therefore, it is never a good thing if it has to be down for long periods of time for full belt replacement. Vulcanization can be done within a few short hours most of the time, which means you can get the system back up and ready for production faster. 

Con: Not every type of conveyor belt can be vulcanized. 

Even though the majority of conveyor belts can be vulcanized when they are in need of repairs, not all of them can. Certain conveyor belts do not fare well with the vulcanization process because of the materials they are made out of. A professional can easily look at your conveyor belt and let you know if mending it will be possible. 

Pro: Vulcanizing a conveyor belt is going to be far less costly. 

Replacing a full conveyor belt can take a lot of money. In fact, the belt itself can be one of the more costly investments of the entire setup because it is so long in most settings. Therefore, seeking a vulcanizing professional to make repairs is going to save you some money. The repair will not be as expensive as purchasing a new belt and having it professionally installed. 

Con: Conveyor belt vulcanizing is not fitting if you have multiple points of damage. 

If you have a conveyor belt that is rather old, it is best to go ahead and have the full belt replaced. It is not uncommon for several points of deterioration to occur with an old rubber belt. The rubber may have started to break down and deteriorate. In these situations, you may have to have multiple points of the belt mended, which would be illogical where the price is concerned, and you may continue to have problems as the belt breaks down further.